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The DePaul Information Assurance Center was founded in June 2004, and is chartered to coordinate and promote the research, teaching and practice of information assurance across DePaul University's schools and colleges.

Faculty within the center conduct fundamental and applied research in intellectual property, telecommunications, risk analysis, software engineering, and programming languages to develop foundational knowledge, tools, and expertise in the security of an organization's information assets. The Center also serves as a focal point from which conference, symposia and workshops are organized, to create collaborations with information assurance professionals beyond the boundaries of the University.

Courses are offered in a wide variety of settings, including Cryptography, Software Engineering, Telecommunications and Telecommunications Law, Intellectual Property, National Security, Electronic Commerce, Telecommunications and Computer Science. Additionally, the Center works to incorporate information assurance courses across the University and to foster interdisciplinary courses and programs which highlight information assurance.

Our primary goal of the DIAC is to continue promoting and supporting excellence in all facets of the education, practice and research in information assurance to best serve students, institutions, and the nation.

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